To me, our only job as designers is to solve problems in a beautiful way. Creating a more sufficient, easier world using advancements in technology is what I strive to accomplish.
From the great Kansas City, the creative culture has surrounded me since I was young and keeps my blood and mindset on a creative edge. From prestigious names like Walt Disney to one of the best museums in the world, The Nelson Atkins—I find my passion and creative consciousness continuing to grow from the many things that have surrounded me in the past and that approach me in the future. 
Right now, I'm studying Visual Communication at The University of Kansas with a focus in Graphic Design. But ultimately, I'm learning how to take advantage of the market/business behind what we do as designers in a sufficient way while constantly enhancing my skill set as an artist, designer, problem solver, marketer and entrepreneur. 

T:      +1 913 742 9941